Types of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Jun 26, 2015 | Articles

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence ❤️

1. FTE Festive Edition with Artist Po-Chih Huang

FTE can be applied under eyes, dab on cotton and leave it on for a few minutes as part of eye treatment if you wish so. For regular use, I pour it directly onto my palm.


Hubby has just started on it and shall monitor to see the long term results.

3. Mid-Night Miracle Essence Spray

Menthol sensation similar to FTE Men, designed to be used after a long day. I place this by my bedside.

4. LXP Ultimate Perfecting Essence Special Edition

A richer FTE with double the effects. Thought of upgrading my FTE routine to LXP, Cate Blanchett’s favorite.

5. Mid Day Miracle Essence

Smaller molecules than FTE so can spray over makeup through the day as a perk-me-up. In my handbag, a great companion all day long especially on hotter days.

6. Facial Treatment Essence Eye

To reduce dark circles and fine lines, love the light and moisturizing texture, can use in the day as an eye cream or as an eye serum in the night, before eye cream. I’ve used FTE for more than a decade. It was the “miracle” that cured my acne. That’s when I found FTE, hooked ever since.