Seeing Gold

That’s what you’d be seeing, a radiant glowing skin after the Skin Rejuva Facial at Bella Skin Care. To me, this facial is about relaxation, not just rejuvenation of skin as it has minimal extraction (yay! especially for someone with low threshold of pain on the nose area) and loads of manual massage. What impressed me most from this 1.5 hour stem cell repair facial is the Champagne Mask, not the colour but the application of the mask. More about that soon as I give a quick look at this 4-step facial.


Brightening Facial

Innovation in Skin Cell Rejuva Treatment

Wow! was my reaction when I saw this box of lovelies during the consultation. Upon my skin analysis, I was recommended this treatment to give my skin a boost. And I agree that our skin requires some ‘wake up call’ from time to time though sadly in this case of tired skin, is due to lack of sleep.

With intense skin retexturizing and restorative actions, it boosts skin firmness and elasticity, reduces fine lines and lightens pigmentation.


Bella Skincell Rejuva Treatment

Now, let’s take a look at the 4 steps to fresh and youthful looking skin!

  • Radiant Enzyme Peel
  • Insta-tensor Essence
  • Caviar Luxury Cream
  • Champagne Mask


Bella Radiant Enzyme Peel

Radiant Enzyme Peel

Step-1: Remove dead skin build up and revitalize skin.

After cleanse, the enzyme peel is applied over face and neck. There was some tingling sensation for about 5 minutes. This sensation is more intense on sensitive areas. While waiting for the enzyme to exfoliate, my therapist worked on my hands. The good old hand massage and hand paraffin which is complimentary.


Bella Anti-aging Essence

Insta-tensor Essence

Step-2: Boost skin’s defense against aging.

And so, the relaxation continued with more massage using this anti-aging ampoule. Due to the use of enzyme on this facial, there is minimal squeezing during the extraction step. About three quarter of the essence were used up at this stage, leaving the remaining quarter for application after mask.


Bella Caviar Luxury Cream

Caviar Luxury Cream

 Step-3: Re-nourish skin with optimum hydration.

Now that all the nutrients are in, the caviar cream helps to seal it with further hydration. This step takes about 10 minutes as the cream is being massaged onto the face and neck.


Gold Mask Facial

Champagne Mask

Step-4: Increase skin resilience, elasticity and radiance.

So why do I find this step impressive? After having experienced this last step of mask application in the various facials I had been to, I instantly knew the difference as the mask is being “massaged” onto my skin and not ‘painted’ over. The sensation is refreshing as the skin gets full contact with the texture of this champagne mask which is very revitalizing and pampering at the same time.

After about 20 minutes, the mask on my face and neck was being rinsed off with water before applying the remaining ampoule followed by a moisturizer.

The Gold Treatment

If you are some one who is concern about dull looking skin, dislike extraction and loves massage, this Skin Rejuva Facial at Bella Skin Care will be helpful. We may have been applying skincare religiously at home but our skin still needs the occasional boost such as this to restore, rejuvenate for better absorption and radiance. With our hectic lifestyle, we owe it to ourselves and our tired skin for some pampering gold treatment.

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