The Arrival Of The “Laszlo Glow”

Oct 19, 2015 | Articles, Reviews, Skincare

“Take control of our skin.”Charles Denton, Executive Chairman Erno Lazlo

Those were the words summarized by Mr.Denton at the end of our long conversation. It was such a delightful afternoon meeting him and his wonderful team at a pampering afternoon hosted by Luxola. From their undivided attention given to me, I gathered that Erno Lazlo is about conversations, about understanding our lives, our skin and thus, our customized skincare rituals. And how we can take charge of it. It’s all about you. #YouOnlyYou

My Erno Laszlo Ritual

I am extremely curious how this brand has captured the hearts of Marilyn Monroe and many other famous celebrities. They swore by the Erno Laszlo method of skincare. And so my ritual began at the Fairmont Hotel, Luxury Suite in Singapore two weeks ago.

Lead Therapist, Judit from The Institute in New York has the gentlest voice and personality, making the experience one of the most pleasant and enriching ones. If I could I’d loved to have just stayed, especially with those firm and relaxing massages.
But before those, she sat down with me to understand my routine, my emphasis and concerns. Like two friends having a chat, Judit shared with me her professional advice as she analyzed my skin. With combination skin of oily t zone, dry cheeks and aging concerns, Judit began my ritual for balanced skin.

My Custom Skincare

Ta da! And these are the recommended products for my skin ritual. Let’s take a look!

Phelityl (Pre-cleansing Oil) + Sea Mud (Deep Cleansing Bar)

Erno Laszlo believes in taking the “friendly” approach when it comes to oil. For those with combination or oily skin, we can use oil to dissolve trapped oil instead of avoiding it. When applied, the Phelityl Pre-cleansing Oil attracts the trapped oil and makeup without stripping off skin’s natural oils. Formulated with 13 essential oils, it nourishes and moisturizes our skin. Next, the black bar!

After massaging with the pre-cleansing oil, Judit suggested that one could gently rub the iconic Sea Mud Soap Bar on to the face. When combined with oil, it creates a mask-like lather and helps draw out the impurities. By massaging our face with soap bar, the pressure also stimulates circulation and relaxes the face muscles. Made of 97% deep sea mud, this is understandably the bestseller for the brand. And now I know so, as my skin was much smoother after rinsing, especially on the nose area. It had removed my blackheads and make up. A big difference in texture felt before and after.
However, do note that there are five types of cleansing bar made for different skin types. So get the one most suited to your skin type. For example, the White Marble Treatment Bar is added into my morning routine instead of the Sea Mud as it is a powerful time-release brightener to clarify, revitalize and reduce dark spots and dullness.
Rinse it off and you are done with the makeup removing and cleansing steps. I’d recommend these steps done during shower or bath for the ease of cleansing. As it comes with a soap dish case, I placed them in my shower room for added convenience.

Luminous Dual Phase Vitamin C Peel

Judit then suggested having a 2-step exfoliation using Vitamin C peel. The result is crystal clear (skin), even-toned and glowing. It’s perfect for those with dark spots and discolouration but not recommended for sensitive skin.

Hydration Mask Hydra-Therapy Skin Vitality Treatment

Now that I have addressed most of my concerns such as oily t zone and blackheads, it’s time to hydrate the dry areas further. This treatment is supposed to lower skin temperature to alleviate stress from air travel, sunburn, pollution exposure and other irritants. Plumps skin up and my laugh lines seemed to have lightened.

Anti-ageing Range Transphuse Rapid Renewal (serum) and Eye Refiner (eye cream)

For my concerns on ageing skin, Judit introduced me to the anti-ageing range, Transphuse. The Rapid Renewal serum was applied (for both face and neck area) to promote skin’s natural vitality. Eye Refiner eye cream made of plant-based formula helps to nourish, relax the muscles and lines around the eyes

A Love Affair

I felt revitalized and loved after the pampering session. Like love, caring for our skin takes commitment and time. Time to cleanse, to massage and through those touches, you make time for yourselves. And love makes one glow. Perhaps that’s why I find skincare routine and steps so therapeutic. After all, the day starts and ends with skincare.


And I will continue to take time and pamper myself at home with these products recommended for my combination skin. Erno Laszlo believes in tailoring each “ritual” based on individual skin needs. To help you decide better on what suits your skin type, you may take a skin test to reveal your ritual, find out more details on the products and watch the step-by-step application videos available on

Chat soon!

Apart from Laszlo Glow, I am drawn towards this brand as I resonate deeply with Erno Laszlo’s philosophy on making time and commitment for skin and also its customized rituals. I too believe in respecting and listening to our skin and spend time applying appropriate products according to my skin condition.

In a way, I have always had my “ritual” and had fun with my daily skincare “concoction”. And since 1927, this heritage has been passed on from Hungary by Dr.Erno Laszlo who studied skin pathology and skin disease.
I am looking forward to Judit’s magic hands again and hopefully, meet The Institute soon. Meantime, the Laszlo Glow is keeping my happy.
Till we chat again….

“Beautiful skin takes commitment – not a miracle.” – Dr. Erno Laszlo

Where To Find

Erno Laszlo is now available at Luxola.