Skin Rescue with Botanical Placenta

Nov 13, 2015 | Articles, Beauty, Reviews, Skincare

Having heard much about plant placenta, the skincare addict in me knew it’s time to find out more when I saw EMK. Newly launched in Singapore, EMK was founded in Beverly Hills in 2001. Mainly distributed by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, high end beauty salons and spas, I am thrilled that it is now easily accessible by more. Loved by aestheticians, dermatologists and celebrities, I needed to know what this Hollywood secret is ~ plant placenta.

If redness and irritation, aging skin with loss of elasticity, deep lines, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation interest you, read on to find out about the healing power of placenta.

Botanical Placenta

Placenta is known to nourish, preserve, build immune system and prevent damage. It has the ability to penetrate deeper for regeneration of cells, vital to the healing process. Instead of human placental extracts, plant derived placenta was the main focus of EMK’s research. With the help of physicists and scientists, EMK created the Bio-Identical Placenta Protein which means the selected plant placental protein is bio-identical in performance to the human placental protein.

So where is the placenta in plants? Found at the center of the flower pistil, the placenta nourishes the seeds as they grow and develop. It is highly concentrated with amino acids, proteins and peptides. For EMK, this pure essence of selected placental protein comes from Agave cactus, native to Central America.

Below are some clinically proven results on it:

  • Reduction of wrinkles and lines, scars, stretch marks that already exist.
  • Deep skin regeneration
  • Prevention of the appearance of blemishes
  • Long lasting moisturization

Anti-aging Serum and Repairing Face Cream

I chose this duo as a post trip treatment as I had needed some hydration, healing and reviving of my metabolic processes. I needed nourishment for my skin.

I felt instant tightening with the protein-rich gel face serum. It contains extracts from kelp, star anise, shitake mushroom, vitamin C and E, anti-oxidants and minerals. Suitable for all skin types, it also has the ability to calm redness and heal burns, making it ideal for post cosmetics procedures.

Next the face cream. Possibly the sweetest moisturizer available, the Repairing Face Cream is made of a unique blend of active ingredients infused with natural plant and fruit extracts. That may explain the natural sweet smelling scent of the cream. Excellent for all skin types, it contains jojoba, sage, chamomile, kelp, seabuckthorn and shea butter.

Both serum and cream help stimulate the collagen production, repair deep lines, restore suppleness and prevent discolouration. For my combi skin, I enjoy concentrated yet lightweight texture which I find in both. And I was impressed by the instant lifting, suppleness and understood what all the raves are about. It was exactly the type of “skin rescue” needed after a trip. As such, I am confident it will bring even better results when used long term.

It’s time!

 “Begin taking care of your skin before it is aged and damaged so that you radiate health and beauty and make a wonderful first impression, because you rarely get a second chance.”
– Professor Emilia Karsh, Founder.

And I couldn’t agree more. In my forty plus years, I have seen many with flawless complexions in their youth only to share with me their regrets years later. With the ever-growing hectic lifestyle, it is always safe to have some “skin rescue” with you. One that harnesses the healing power of botanical placental, that is scientifically & clinically proven, is supported by dermatologists and raved by many.

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