My History with Whoo

Jul 14, 2015 | Articles, Reviews, Skincare

Whoo heard us?

Yes the long awaited premium Korean skincare, The History of Whoo has finally hit our local store, Tangs Orchard Beauty Hall (this 24th July 2015)! Located centrally, the brand aims to bring accessibility and satisfy our cravings for Whoo’s skincare and makeup.


The History of Whoo Store in Seoul


Journey with Whoo…

When I first saw Whoo…..regal, exclusive and elegant. I had wanted to learn more but was disappointed with the limited information online (in English). But I managed to get my first purchase, the Gongjinhyang Mi Face Powder through a friend who was visiting Seoul, Korea then. And that was precious! So imagine my excitement when I received the invitation by The History of Whoo to go on the Press Trip in Seoul early in the year. We finally made the #journeywiththehistoryofwhoo  in May and it was fun fun fun!

I will be updating my findings from the trip periodically here as random thoughts and information still pop up in my head every now and then. Yes, the struggle is real when one is admiring the exquisite designs filled with colours, histories and trying to digest the valuable information of each product at the same time.

Nevertheless, hope this helps!

Whoo Gongjinbidan Ingredients


It’s all about harmony

Now the royal secrets are revealed through The History of Whoo, Gongjinbidan, created by Whoo. it is a modern scientific reinterpretation of Gongjindan, one of the priceless three great secrets in the royal palace reserved only for the emperor or his queen (Gongjindan, Cheongshimwon and Gyeongokgo). Whoo’s Gongjinbidan is a precious formula made with Siberian deer antler, angelica roots, Japanese cornelian cherry, Siberian Ginseng and wild thyme. It maintains harmony and balance in the skin by helping to raise water energy and lower fire energy in the skin.  Traditionally, Gongjindan is also believed to have the abilities to embrace the stars in the skies and remove all illnesses.


The History of Whoo Bottle Design


Whoo for every need

Now, let’s take a look into the secrets of The History of Whoo product range; anti-aging skincare, the star product Ja Saeng Essence and other lines for targeted concerns .

A. Anti-aging (4 range below and another anti-aging range under Men’s skincare):

Cheongidan (silver packaging): for all ages (premium line from the basic range)

Gongjinhyang (gold packaging): for above 25 years old (early aging)

Jinyulhyang (red packaging): for above 45years old (enhanced anti-aging for hormonal aging)

Hwanyu (royal purple packaging): symbolic line

Ja Saeng Essence: Star product for anti-aging.

B. Hydration: Gongjinhyang:Soo (pink packaging)

C. Whitening: Gongjinhyang:Seol (white packaging)

D. Men skincare: Gongjinhyang:Kun (Blue packaging)

E. Makeup: Gongjinhyang:Mi



Whoo Perfume


The secrets of anti-aging with Whoo

Cheongidan (premium line from basic skincare range for all ages):

This is the finest royal court energy treatment method that controls the flow of six energies within the skin with the Empress Dowager Cixi’s beauty secrets at the end of Ching Dynasty. They include a mix of 30 oriental medicine ingredients that help control skin troubles and give the skin an ideal glow.

Gongjinhyang (for early aging, early onset of collagen loss, around 25 years old and above)

Through balancing the water and fire energy, this essential starter range helps to regulate the stagnant blood end energy flow in the 2 major wrinkle lines around the eyes and lips and the 3 major aging lines on the upper cheeks, lower cheeks and chin line). Best suited for those with concerns on first signs of aging.

Whoo Gongjinhyang Early Aging Range


Jinhyulyang (for above 45 years old, hormonal aging or those facing menopause)

This range promotes the smooth flow of blood and energy, as red wild ginseng replenishes resin to solve the various skin troubles caused by lower level of resin as we age. Red wild ginseng is a precious based ingredients used only in Jinhyulyang and is a substance that emulates female hormones that control femininity and aging.

Whoo Jinyulhyang Essential Massage Mask

During the boutique visit, I had on the essential Massage Mask which comes with a wooden massager. It has an immediate effect on the jawline contour and some redness on my face which  subsided in the next hour. I will gladly have this done every week if it means promoting constant smoother flow of blood flow.

Whoo Essential Mask


Hwanyu (symbolic line)

This is the immortal masterpiece of the skin containing a mystical combination of 74 royal medicinal ingredients.It is also created using a Korean medicine mixing technique that maximizes the effects through the interaction of ingredients.

Whoo Premium Anti aging Hwanyu Range

It has cordyceps militaris (from natural wild ginseng, deer antlers and jangsaeng hasuo) and Tianshan snow lotus ingredients for an unchanging noble beauty. I’ve personally tried the Hwanyu Cream and woke up with the smoothest skin in the morning.

The phoenix making flight on the packaging signifies the desire for ideal skin.

Whoo Hwanyu Cream


Bichup Ja Saeng Essence (star product anti-aging essence)

The launch of this anti-aging essence took Korea by storm since it’s launch in 2010.  It is loved by many as a one-stop solution for all kinds of skin trouble with claims that skin tone improves within 2 weeks of application. Known for it’s self-generating properties, the process goes through 3 stages starting from sensing problems, activation and  skin regeneration.

It acts as a pre-serum to help boost the effects of next skincare. steps for using the different essences in Whoo. Here is a guide to the steps:

Soon Hwan Essence (first essence) >> Balancer >> Ja Saeng Essence >> Pore Care Essence (last essence)

Skincare for targeted concerns

Gongjinhyang: Soo (I call it pink skincare for hydration):

Secret prescription for lasting moisture with Gyeong ok bidan containing ginseng, foxglove, poria cocos, blue lily-turf mixed with white pulp to supplement water.

Whoo Hydration Range Gongjinhyang Soo

According to the BA at Whoo departmental Store in Seoul, bestseller of this range is the Soo Yeon Essence seen below.

Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo Yeon Essence


Gongjinhyang: Seol (for whitening)

Keeping skin clean and pure with this deep and thick whitening formula. It contains a strong dose of seolgamsan, mother chrysanthemum and chilhyang palbaeksan to fill every inch of the skin with whitening power.

It is the beauty secret of Yang Guifei’s snow white skin….the secret of white.

Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Whitening Range


In Korea, the second bestseller of the brand after Bichup Ja Saeng essence is the Whitening and Moisture Cream.

Whoo Bestselling Gongjinhyang Seol Whitening Cream


Gongjinhyang: Kun (Men’s skincare)

Royal secret for ageless Emperor skin. Strengthening ginseng cordyceps militaris, ginseng flower which are particularly effective for men with white gold, pure gold, this is the men’s base line which revives the royal court’s Hwalsaengbo secret formula for ageless men’s skin.

This range helps maintain men’s skin soft in the outside and strong in the inside with the invigorating essence of Quadruple dose of gold bead content:

1st dose truffles: They are called diamonds in the dirt and they have anti-aging effects.

2nd dose pumpkin: This improves the skin’s flow and complexion.

3rd dose pearl: Whitening jewel that gives a glowing and bright complexion.

4th dose pure gold: It is excellent for purifying and eliminating waste matter in the skin.

Make up by Whoo

Gongjinhyang: Mi (Makeup)

This royal makeup formula adds vitality and gloss to the skin with Hongok Baeksan, SaengGi Ohwajin (traditional oriental medicine). Both of these medicine also has calming, hydrating, purifying and antioxidant effects. It is strengthened with royal court jewel ingredients including gold, pearl, pumpkin, coral to revive elegance and beauty within you.

Whoo Make Up

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Base

Whoo Lip Balm

I will continue to add information as I go along. Meanwhile, hope this helps as reference when you step into The History of Whoo counter next!

Launching in Tangs Orchard Singapore

on 24 July 2015, The Royal Court Secrets ✨

Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury Golden Cushion