Misting Device!!

I’ve been into face mist so much lately that I was hyperventilating when I chanced upon MTG’s latest PLOSION at Branche Capitol Piazza the other day!
This carbonic acid beauty treatment combines cosmetics and innovation and I’ve seen the moisturizing lotion in action. During the press launch two months ago, we witnessed immediate lifting on our faces (you know how much I’m into jawline contouring…) with that refreshing sensation. It’s finally available now online at MTG and Branche. Branche is having a Great Singapore Sale (GSS) special of 20% off for the month of July! Ahhh tempting! (S$399). It’s handy, comes in 3 colours and is refillable.

Branche is located at B1-33 Capitol Piazza City Hall MRT (Exit D)