Skincare or Make-up?

This is the trend I’ve observed last year that I suspected would be growing further in 2016, “Skincare as Make-up”. In that article, I’ve shared a number of products which do that and since then more have been introduced into the beauty scene, such as Shu Uemura’s Skin Perfector, Allies of Skin 1A All-Day Mask, just to name a few. More of my thoughts on 2016 Beauty Trends are listed here with Glamasia. Now, what about the latest Perfecting Treatment from La Mer?

It is an ultimate complexion treatment that gives you the Three T’s; Tone, Texture & Translucency, clearly communicated and anchored into my head with the three shades of pink balloons displayed during the Press Dinner. Tried this silky-gel onto my hands and it was luxurious, finest and absorbed quickly into the skin. Here’s a little secret, it was so fine & smooth my fork glided off my hand!

So luxurious I wondered if it would be too rich to be layered with moisturizer on my combination skin (and in this perpetual hot weather). It can be used on two ways; (1) before moisturizer for added radiance or (2) after moisturizer before sunblock for that soft-focus effects, completely customizable to your skincare needs and a variety of different application options.

On My Face

Having tried it on my face, I couldn’t be more wrong. The combination of serum, moisturizer and the Perfecting Treatment wasn’t “too rich or oily”. It absorbs so quickly, non sticky and leaves a silky sheen on my skin. Smooth and glowy, very delicate. Love it!

And so how does it work as a “Make-Up”? “Infused with Soft Focus Filter Technology, The Perfecting Treatment works to instantly diffuse light for a multi-dimensional radiance. Using soft focus technology that has the ability to optically blur the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections, this treatment helps create clear, flawless skin – the ideal canvas.”

Though I much prefer it as a skincare (and it is designed as a skincare in mind) than for priming as it didn’t do that much for me than it is as a pre-moisturizer. And with the arsenal of existing primers, I’d love to keep La Mer as my much-beloved skincare. Maybe for a short casual outing, running errands kind of “no make-up but need that soft focus” day, I have that option. And over time, this product gives you endless translucency and an ageless appearance. 

Price / Size: S$370 / 50ml


And I leave here with you more information from the press materials:


A multi-sensorial experience, this luxurious, silky-gel is completely customizable to your skincare needs and a variety of different application options.

A Perfect Beginning: Apply before moisturizing to create a luminous and glowing look

Fresh Faced: Apply after your favorite La Mer moisturizer for a velvety soft-focus finish

The Perfect Canvas: Smooth on before foundation and makeup application for a perfect primer

Radiant Skin: At night, apply after your moisturizer and mask as a final step to awaken with beautifully glowing skin


The Perfecting Treatment features two new ferments
– The Refining Ferment and The Lucent Ferment – that work in tandem to help visibly perfect tone, texture and translucency – leading to a more smooth and supple complexion.

THE NEW REFINING FERMENT Rich in sea-sourced actives, this new exclusive marine ferment helps to strengthen skin and minimize the look of pores while helping skin boost its natural collagen. Skin looks smoother and more supple.

Includes delicate Porcelain Algae and deep sea Rose Algae, and works to help even skin tone and reduce the look
of dark spots for a more translucent complexion that radiates with an inner glow.


Cell-renewing Miracle Broth, formulated with nutrient-rich sea kelp and other pure ingredients, Broth infuses skin with energy and helps soothe irritation and calm the look of redness.


Lime Tea Concentrate helps protect against the damaging effects of pollution and other environmental aggressors known to irritate the skin.