Happy 2017!

Having enjoyed the festivities, I’d like to start the year with brighter, more youthful eyes still. Ha! Yes, that’s definitely one of my new year’s resolutions too.

Resolutions aside, dark circles has been the main eye concern for many of us. And to my friends and readers who have shared this, I’ve always insisted that sleep is the only way and that there’s no overnight miracles. We can only do our very best to minimize with skincare and make-up.

But now that I have tried Christian BRETON eye products, I am assured many will become less-dependent on eye makeup to cover up those dark circles. In the past weeks during my travels, I experienced instant relief, a color-corrector and brightener in this trio!

Before we proceed, here’s a short introduction on Christian BRETON, the expert in eye treatment.


The Eye Care Specialist


It started in 1960s in France when Christian BRETON’s mother, Dr. BRETON a scientist and genetic specialist embarked on a 15-years research on genetics and healing effects on human skin cells. Christian BRETON then launched his cosmetic company to pursue his interest in the Science and Beauty field, at the same time leveraging on the discovery of the research.

Christian BRETON’s biggest hit is the Eye Priority range, a specific line based on Cryotherapy (cold concept) dedicated to all eye contour problems. Most skincare ranges include one or two eye-care products, but Christian BRETON has an impressive 18, including three eyelash products.



Power Trio for Dark Circles

Eyes Eyes Baby, my Beauty Program for Dark Circles


Though Christian BRETON caters to a variety of eye concerns, I shall focus on dark circles this time round. Here’s my trio:

  1. Eye Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel (Cabin crew’s top pick, puffiness, dark circles, eye mask too)
  2. Dark Undereye Corrector Serum (Targets dark circles)
  3. UV Eye Protection SPF30 (Anti-pollution protection)



1. Eye Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel (Cabin crew’s top pick, puffiness, dark circles, eye mask too)


1. Eye Care Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel


Let’s start with the bestseller. I can understand why it’s a favorite amongst cabin crew with irregular sleeping hours, time zones and long hours in a stretch under eye makeup on long flights. This eye gel is refreshing, ideal for frequent travelers, working at computers, reading, working late. Eyes are under significant strain but are soothed and decongested with Rose Extract (improves blood circulation), Marine Extract (anti-fatigue for tired eyes) and Mallow Extract (reduce puffiness and dark circles). Though I didn’t place in the fridge after opening as recommended, it is still cooling and refreshing!

When used in the day, it increases blood circulation and brightens the eyes. Used in the night, it removes fluid retention and puffiness and eye fatigue. Although I prefer eye cream in the night, this is perfect for those looking for “early-wrinkles” and starting on anti-ageing care as it can be used for both day and night. And when in need, double it up as an eye mask!



2. Dark Undereye Corrector Serum (Targets specifically on dark circles)


2. Dark Undereye Corrector Serum


Like a color-corrector for undereyes, this erases the appearance of dark circles instantly. On first application, I find it interesting that this white cream serum is unlike other eyes serum I have tried. Most are used before eye cream/gel, translucent and gel-like. This is a cream serum used after eye cream/gel, white in color yet lightweight and penetrates better when used on top of the eye gel. It turns translucent when dabbed and disappears as it goes deeper into skin, leaving undereyes even-toned. And that is a strong base for eye makeup.

Now, I find less need for concealer, only on days I need more coverage. Dark-circles has reduced despite the peak in festivities and lack of sleep. Pigmentation is lightened with a unique blend of White Tea Polyphenols and Mallow Extract Bio White ingredients and eyes soothed with anti-inflammatory Scutellaria Root Extract. With Astragalus Root Extract, it increases blood flow, gets rid of toxins, improves skin texture, elasticity and skin tone. It is essential to pair this eye serum with the UV Eye Protection SPF30.



3. UV Eye Protection SPF30 (Anti-pollution protection)


3. UV Eye Protection SPF30


A fan of sun-protection in eye products, I was happy to find this available from the range of products catered by Christian BRETON, it signifies complete care and dedication by the brand. Do you know applying face sunscreen around your eyes can cause issues such as growth of milia seeds? Christian BRETON range of eye products are oil-free, hence applying multiple eye products will not be over rich for your delicate eye area.

It combines UV filters and powerful anti-oxidants to protect skin from premature-ageing and harmful environmental factors. The invisible veil of protection screens out UVA, UVB and UVC rays under daily sun exposure, helps further with dark circles and eye contour area. It contains active ingredients such as Zinc O2, Shea Butter and Morus Alba Root Extract to moisturize and reduce lines.

I take the Eye Gel as an instant revitalizer, the Eye Serum as color-corrector and how about this UV Eye Protection? An instant brightener! I’m impressed each time after application how it brightens up undereyes visibly.



3-Step Routine: Revitalize, Color-Correct and Brighten

Revitalizer, Color-Corrector and Brightener


At this point, I can’t decide which I prefer for combatting dark circles as all three have helped lighten and brighten my eye contour. But used together, this is a powerful trio! In love!

Youthful, less tired eyes with clearer, more even-toned eye contour especially on undereyes.

If dark circles is not a main concern, there are few other products which I find interesting such as Liftox, an award–winner for reduction in wrinkles, Eye Focus Active Cream, a non invasive Line filler or the Precious Gold Eye Cream.




Distributed by BE Solution, Christian BRETON is available at authorised beauty salons here http://www.besolution.com.sg/BE-Solution-Store-Locator

More info on www.besolution.com.sg and www.christian-breton.fr

Contact number: +65 6745 0871