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It’s never too early for that festive prep after all chance favors the prepared mind. With less than 4 months to Christmas and year-end festive gatherings, I need to get my skin (and jawlines) in tip top condition. Especially when make-up contouring products become your best friend, a must-have, never leave home without it, you know you need more done to defy that dreaded pull of gravity.

Is it age? Yes and no. Naturally as we age, our skin loses the collagen and elastin which makes it harder and slower for skin care alone to work magic. And if you’re young but sporting double chins or loose skin, it’s probably lifestyle. “Tech neck” as we know is the effect of using mobile phones, gazing into our Instagram (oops!), emails from work, passwords, apps etc – basically the gateway to our daily lives.

So can you imagine what is it like for me? 45 and “Tech neck”, I need intervention! I need HIFU and maybe more :)



Mizu Clinic Treatment Room 2

HIFU – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound


Having concerns on double chins, neck tightening, facial contour, V-face shaping?

HIFU uses precise medical ultrasound for non-surgical tightening and lifting of the skin and is currently the only non-invasive medical device that allows the deepest penetration of energy. Having tried Ultherapy, one of the 1st-generation devices, I was keen to check out the 3rd generation medical ultrasound device, the latest and most advanced version of HIFU technology available at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic – Ultraformer HIFU III.

It is great for those looking at lower facelifts, double chins, neck tightening, and especially jowl reduction as the high amount of energy Ultraformer HIFU emits is also used to melt facial fats while tightening the area.

Like me, we are probably clear on what we want to achieve but it’s the how. That’s where Dr Tan’s area of expertise helps put these thoughts together into a personalized treatment plan upon consultation.

Here’s sharing some notes from my MIZU HIFU Journey!


A Peek into my MIZU HIFU Journal


Dr Tan at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Tan at Mizu Aesthetic Clinic

Day 1: The Scaredy Cat Me

Scared of pain? I’m a champ for that but it’s all good, it’s all in the prep.

And Dr.Tan has it all under control. I took pain killers /Applied numbing cream / Numbing solution injection (added option).

Mini injections on chin.





Melt the Fats Away!

Melt the Fats Away!



Not bad at all for one with low pain threshold. Max is 1.5 and I did 1.2 (for 4.5mm) and 1.0 (for 3mm).

Number of Shots

Lower face /cheeks /a bit at the side of eyes 520 shots. 330 shots for double chin.

Tightening and Lifting Under the Chin

Tightening and Lifting Under the Chin

Pain Level

Painful shots: 4 out of 520 shots on face & 2 out of 330 on chin

Pain level: 5/10 and those shocked pain 8/10

Squeeze That Pillow!

Expected to be more painful but it’s bearable.

Most pain are felt on the bony side on cheeks. Brief discomfort but a good sign that the collagen building process has begun ha!

I felt comforting pats from the caring nurses. Sweet!

Tip: Ask for a pillow/cushion before treatment to squeeze.



Upon treatment, skin is flushed but subsided within few hours. Saw immediate effect but was told it would go off and full effect will take 2-3 months.

Day 2: What to expect?

In my case, I observed some swelling on area of treatment towards end day.

Day 6: Sore

Feeling sore at the side of the cheeks.

Day 7: Reinforce with Skincare

Continue to use Skinceuticals HA Intensifier Serum.

Day 8: Persevere.

Pain moving inwards. Feels like blue black. Gives the idea it’s working :)

Keep the end/results in sight. Persevere. Use V-lift Masks.

Redness During HIFU Treatment

Redness During HIFU Treatment


Day 11: Getting Better

Blue black of the numbing injection (3 dots below chin) gone.


Day 14: Soreness subsided

90% of pain subsided except for jawlines. Continue with V-shaping range of skincare.


Comparison Images

Comparison Images (Day 1 & Day 60)


HIFU Results


During the 2 weeks of healing process, there was no downtime and the daily routine continued :)

I can feel the tightening effects and gradual visible results. On some days, I could see that it’s working very well (collagen growth spurts? Hehe!). I must say it has made photo-taking a bit easier, more angles to work on. Definitely more room for improvement but it has kept the gravity pull on hold with just one treatment so far. A 60-min treatment, no downtime and since I don’t see myself slowing down on the ageing or tech-neck, I will head back for another HIFU treatment or try out other anti-aging solutions recommended by Dr Tan upon review. The countdown to Christmas continues!


The festive countdown continues!

The festive countdown continues!



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