A happier me!
And that is just a brow (or two) away. It is especially true if you have sparse brows like me. Happier as makeup time has been significantly reduced and I’m able to spend more time on other aspects; be it eyeshadow, lipstick, hair or skincare. And feeling prettier too, as I wake up every morning now with readily drawn brows and eyeliner.


How It All Started
It was simply, just brow woes that got me interested in eyebrow embroidery. But why the long wait? As many can probably relate to me, the eyebrow tattoo must have deterred many of us into seriously having anything permanent done to our brows. The difference between Tattoo and Embroidery is that Tattoo is permanent and goes deeper into our dermis layer whereas Embroidery is semi-permanent on our epidermis layer.

Erabelle Roadshows

Seeing is Believing
So what changed my mind? Watching many brave ones who went ahead and have it done for years and still looking awesome is one big factor. Next is to find a reputable and established centre which is Erabelle, recommended by many. I was told the key difference between a painful and painless session is determined by the skill and equipment used. Erabelle uses a German Micro Pen and not hand tools.
I had the chance to witness demo session at one of their roadshows and also had my brows design done to see if this is the set of brows I’d love waking up to every morning. As for Eraliner, I wanted to see it with my own eyes how the models reacted during the demonstrations and their facial expressions is key. They looked relaxed, comfortable with no sign of pain. After all, seeing is believing.


It’s all about Harmony

During the first visit, the artist will provide a thorough consultation to understand the dynamics and enhance the harmony of your facial features. These are then incorporated into your eyebrow design. All artists at Erabelle go through a year’s training just for designing alone.

Brows Before and After
Here are some notes on my tailored bespoke design:
• Facial muscles higher on one side
• Eyebrow bone flatter on the left
• Heart-shaped face
• Brows cannot be too arch
• Can take Korean brows but can’t be too thick
• Big gap between eyebrow and eyes

Erabelle Japanese French Decor


The Sanctuary
Gorgeous French Japanese décor and great hospitality. I was served a Red Dates Longan drink and cookies (to calm my nerves perhaps haha!). Hygiene is definitely one of Erabelle’s emphasis, no reusing of colour cups, micropen tips and I was asked to put on foot covers before I hopped onto this stylish seat for the next 3 hours.

Erabelle Treatment Room


Quick Guide

Here’s my brow prep mask to remove sebum for enhanced colour retention and colour settling. Next is the numbing cream for 20 min. Few layers of 2 shades of colours are applied to make it look alive and 3D. For those who have existing colour and want it changed, there will be a color correction done. My shades are cool dark brown and choco brown applied following the direction of hair growth.
For more information on Erabrowlogy, see http://www.erabelle.com/cosmetic-artistry/erabrow

This is the one I hesitated more as it is eyeliner and thus much closer to the eyes. An eyeliner design was also done before proceeding with the shading. I’ve opted for an ultra thin line, my logic being should I need a thicker line, I could always top it with my own eyeliner. Thankfully, it was painless! It felt more like its itchy and the artist is helping me scratch it with the micro pen. The only discomfort I must highlight is when the numbing cream takes effect on the eyelid. Remember not to open your eyes to prevent cream from running into the eyes.
For more information on Eraliner, see http://www.erabelle.com/cosmetic-artistry/eraliner

Erabelle Embroidery


I was given a pack of home care, thoroughly explained by the artist. Life goes on as per normal, just refrain from facial sun-tanning, sauna and swimming for a week. Brows may look a bit harsh for the first 3 days but will gradually lighten and become more natural. Daily routine on brow drawing is minimal now and on days I’d like to have a different look, I will draw over it with my eyebrow pencil.

Chanel Makeover

I’m now looking forward to my next session. Moreover, I was told that it will only get better especially on the second session. So glad I did it!

Erabrowlogy Home Care
From now till 31st August 2015, Erabelle has offered my readers a free $500 credit for selected Erabrowlogy packages which can be used for any additional Erabelle products or services & 15 % off selected Eraliner packages .
Just quote ‘loveforskincare’ when making your appointments.

Branch Locations
Erabelle Prestige Orchard Visioncrest | Erabelle Prestige Vivo City | Erabelle Bugis junction | Erabelle Eastpoint Mall | Erabelle The Seletar Mall

For details on locations, see http://www.erabelle.com/page-locations

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