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May 13, 2015 | Articles

The place to be before that special date!

Friends asked me if I have lost weight the next day after my Indiba AgeReversa System at Bella Skin Care. And more thought the same till now, two weeks since I had this gave contouring plus anti-aging facial. I know then it must be the lifting & firming effects of this treatment32.6%: reduction in visible wrinkles | 19.6%: improvement in elasticity | 9.7%: increase in moisture.

For those with concern on crow’s feet, wrinkles, under eye circles/bags, double chin or sagging skin, a session of this facial gives you instant results especially in the firming of skin. It certainly gave me better facial contours and redefined my jawline further. Read on to find out what to expect in this 75-minute deep regeneration facial.

The session started with a massage with essential oil and again, that sent me straight to sleeping mode like the previous Hydra Intense Solution facial. Then the cleansing and a thorough extraction before starting on the Indiba machine from Europe (with 30 years of developing and researching). It begins with the massaging of the Proionic Cream onto the skin before employing heat through this high frequency Proionic Treatment. Then the heat treatment started with stimulating the nine lymph nodes starting from the collar bone. I find this step assuring and comforting (especially after the ninth node) as lymphatic circulation is key to in toxins accumulation.   bella-instant-lifting-01

Two handpieces were used; one for the outer layers (lines) and another for deeper layers (elasticity). What I love next is how it is also safe to be used around the eye areas especially under the care of a trained therapist. My therapist took extra care on the strength used on the eye areas and constantly checked that I am comfortable. The heat treatment ended with an Oxygen Mask and a shoulder massage. Yes, I love massages!


What keeps me excited about Bella facials besides the efficacy of the treatments is how they are being executed in such a pampering, relaxing manner. However, I was in for another surprise this time round as I was offered a complimentary honey wax hand mask instead of hand paraffin after the hand massage. How thoughtful of Bella to design the different hand treatments (and experience) to complement the different facials.   bella-instant-lifting-02

Here’s a photo I snapped at the end of the facial to capture my happy skin. Besides the fresher and brighter skin, I did notice a change in my facial contours but I thought to stop there and not get carried away (psychologically) by post- treatment evaluations. So I was extremely thrilled when friends unaware of my Bella visit, started noticing the difference and immediate results.   bella-instant-lifting-04

To me, Indiba AgeReversa System Treatment has proven to be effective especially in giving me an instant fix. With that, I have faith that in the long run, this treatment will help maintain a youthful appearance and take care of one’s anti-aging concerns. Thus, I will be back for more!

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