Happy Lunar New Year!

Hope you have enjoyed the lunar new year celebrations and holidays, everyone! I certainly did. But all the gathering, feasting and good food come with some trade-offs. Am feeling the lethargy, exhaustion and post-Chinese New Year effects ha!

Skin is tired and yearning for some relaxation and pampering. Facial treatments come to mind and my thoughts wandered back to the award-winning brightening facial I had at Bella Skin Care.


Givenchy Makeover                      Photo credits: @shadesofpixie

The Perfect Canvas

That was Derma Epi Glow Therapy, an award-winner for 2016 luminous facial category. As part of my work, I attend beauty events and also model for selected brands during their product launches. For makeover shows, I usually pay special attention to skin prep days before as I believe in giving the makeup artist a good skin to work with as much as I can.

Facial belongs to my “must-do” list prior to these makeover shows. One of the most recent is a beauty launch on the cushion foundation. To complement that launch, I opted for a brightening and lifting treatment.


Derma Epi Glow Mask

Brightening and Anti-Aging

I have had a few brightening facials and this, I’d categorise as both anti-aging and brightening (ahhh, sounds like what I need now!). Derma Epi Glow doesn’t just reduce the appearance of pigmentation, collagen production is also boosted from deep within the skin via the device called Derma-S Cool which helps penetrate the nutrients and hydration as well. Besides that, it detoxifies and improves microcirculation essential for skin renewal. This device also uses ultrasonic wave to gently exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells resulting in clearer skin instantly. The mask I am wearing here is the CO2 mask at the end of the facial to help regenerate and heal the skin.

90 minutes flew by quickly with this relaxing facial. Although it combines both hot and cold applications, the overall facial treatment was comfortable with a good mix of dozing off, hand massage and informative chats with the friendly therapist there.

On that topic, I’d like to add that all therapists I have met so far at Bella Skin Care are friendly, gentle and experienced. It’s always a joy to listen to them speak about their understanding on the different skin concerns, treatment and share our love for skincare. Yet, when it’s time for me to sleep, they seem to know too. That’s what I call experienced.


Girly Fun for Bella Facial

Girly Fun

Indeed, my skin prep came to good use. I had so much fun mingling with family, friends and readers during the makeover event. It was a joy working with the makeup artist and I received many compliments on my naked skin before the makeover. My lucky day perhaps but the luminosity was obvious and I felt more confident with a more lifted and supple skin. Thanks to Derma Epi Glow!

Having said that, I will be heading back to Bella Skin Care for some pampering with a girlfriend next. I need to bring back the radiance!! How about you?

Hold on to your reasons and look out for the Bella Skin Care Giveaway post on their Facebook soon. And you too (hint* hint*), get to show some love to your girlfriend, family or loved one!


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