Create Your Own Garden, Away from Pollution.


No, we need not escape to the countryside to avoid pollution. Just create our own garden in the city!

How about that?

Meet my version of Dior Gardens! A sanctuary that is essential for city-living, where pollution indexes are on the rise, one that helps us prepare, detoxify and protect. Did you know these threats generate 7 billion toxins within the skin daily? Well, I’ve seen and heard from friends and readers how pollution has affected their skin and flared up on days with high pollution.

Though not one to suffer or see the impact of instant damages to my skin, it doesn’t mean I am free from it. Long term accumulation can result in premature skin ageing, weaken skin barrier and lead to acne. It’s essential to purify and reset skin for a more luminous and deeply renewed skin.

With more brands offering skincare which combats pollution and focuses on detoxification,  we know detoxifying is not the latest skincare trend, but an essential.

So, instead of running away or flying off to avoid pollution, it’s time to create our own garden packed with an arsenal of detoxifying skincare products. Or in my case, a home-care detoxifying program with Dior One Essential.

Dior One Essential Daily Detox


Dior One Essential


Dior One Essential is created to free the skin from 100% toxins and boost its healthy glow and youthfulness. To make it simpler to follow, Dior introduces the Dior Daily Detox with a unique 3-steps program.

Here’s how the impact of the detoxifying power of Red Hibiscus and more than 20 years of detoxification expertise can be unleashed in this unique 3-steps program. And it includes the latest Mist-Lotion, which I am so excited about as mist is handy and rejuvenating in this heat. Let’s go!


Dior 3-Step Purity Reset


3-Step Daily Purity Reset

In the following paragraphs, I will go through more on how these 3 products can help fight off skin toxins. Meantime, here’s a quick guide to Dior’s 3 simple steps of Dior Daily Detox!

Step 1.
Prepare: One Essential Mist-Lotion


Dior One Essential Mist-Lotion Spray

Hold the Mist-Lotion 20cm from the face. Spray all over using broad circular motion.

Dior One Essential Mist-Lotion on Cotton

Spray the Mist-Lotion on cotton pad and cleanse the skin. Smooth over neck, chin, cheeks and forehead. Move from the center of the face to the ears. Finish with broad, smoothing motion.

Step 2.
Detoxify: One Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum


Dior Detox


Activating the serum using the warmth of the palm. To deeply purify and regenerate , apply the transversal application gesture. Using the thumbs, smooth the chin, cheeks and forehead, moving from center of the face to the ears.


Step 3.
Protect: One Essential City Defense SPF 50PA++++


Dior One Essential City Defense


Warm the sunscreen between your hands. Then spread across the neck, cheeks and forehead. Began by performing smoothing, draining movements on the neck. Finally, apply upward smoothing movement from the center of the face upwards.

Dior’s Daily Detox Kit


Dior Mist-LotionOne Essential Mist-Lotion


“A multitasking lotion that cleanses, rebalances, and detoxifies skin.”


Imagine my excitement when I received the bottle of the Mist-Lotion! Especially on a hot busy day, all I want is to spray it on my skin immediately.

Love the scent of this face mist! The scent is calming yet manages to rejuvenate and wake our skin up in one single spritz. Always a fan of multi-taskers, this hybrid lotion features a triple anti-pollution action: cleansing, rebalancing, and detoxifying. By targeting up to 100 percent of particles on the skin’s surface, it boosts the skin’s purity daily and allows skin to “breathe”.

Besides prepping the skin, I use it at anytime of the day when I need that instant perk-me-up which provides detox on-the-go!

It is great for normal and combination skin to combat dullness, uneven texture and dark spots.

Dior One Essential Intensive Face SerumOne Essential Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum 

“A serum that detoxifies, regenerates and energizes.”


The Intense Skin Detoxifying Booster Serum combats the toxins in your skin by reinvigorating the elimination process in order to restore your skin’s luminosity. Its three-dimensional action detoxifies, regenerates and energizes, and boosts the effectiveness of ingredients of your usual, subsequently applied skincare.

Skin is left brighter and more radiant after blending the slightly pinkish texture.

Dior Sunblock City Defense                                                         One Essential City Defense SPF 50PA++++


“An invisible revolutionary shield that is anti-adhesion, anti-penetration, and anti-oxidization for the ultimate skin protection against toxins.”


City defense indeed as this pretty bottle is also power-packed with triple anti-pollution action; anti-adhesion, anti-penetration and anti-oxidization. Essentially, it forms a shield, strengthens the skin barrier and neutralizes the pollutants with anti-oxidants. It has powerful UVA/UVB filters to keep skin protected for up to eight hours.

Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates, this sunscreen also works great as a makeup base, refreshes skin, and delivers youthful-looking radiance. I love that it is lightweight, smells great with an added brightening effect. A rosy sheen!


Out and about with Dior


It’s Dior, Darling.


I believe in building our own sanctuary and keeping our skin healthy and protected. Hope you like my Detox Kit and I would love to see your set! Perhaps, should anyone ask how you have managed to keep your skin luminous and healthy in the city, you know the answer ;)

It’s Dior, darling.