• If scents have days, what would it be?

    So I put on my finest nose, went through the latest fragrance launches, both EDTs & EDPs, dates, prices (all in SG) and did up a list.
    We don’t have 8Days in a week, but I added one more bottle for Saturday night! Ha!

    Here we go, scent of the day!

    Monday: Moschino Fresh Couture EDT (1 March)

    Not cos its blue for Monday blues or that I did have some major cleaning done over the weekend! But it’s just fun, something interesting to lighten up the mood for you (and your colleagues)! .
    30ml S$65 | 50ml S$95 | 100ml S$125

    Tuesday: Jadore EDT, The Light of Gold (1 April)

    Throw in some blood orange to sweeten Tuesday with a feminine touch. Classic & joyful!

    Wednesday: Jo Malone Nasturtium & Clover

    Fancy a walk in the park midweek? The scent of raw green grass will calm and buffer the stress! Also to remind us that weekend is near, hang in there!

    Thursday: Dolce Rosa Excelsa EDP (1 April)

    A reminder to stop and smell the roses (Turkish Rose Absolute & African Dog Rose). Musky and rosy.
    30ml S$106 | 50 ml S$153 | 75 ml S$178

    Friday: Narciso Rodriguez EDP Narciso Poudrée (15 April)

    It’s already Friday?! Weekly date night with my hubby thus his favorite scent on me, shall be my pick. Powdery, earthy and floral.
    30ml S$97 | 50ml S$150 | 90ml S$181

    Saturday: Tomford Soleil Blanc (May)

    Reminds me of my holiday, sunshine & flowers! Pair it with the Shimmering Body Oil (same scent) for that ultimate summer glow during the long day out. Lasting too!

    Saturday Night: Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 (1 April)

    Special scent for that special night. Dense, crisp and slightly sweet. Elegant, interesting.
    70ml S$375

    Sunday: Hugo Boss Woman Extreme EDP (TBA)

    Floral fruity freshness with a hint of revitalizing black tea. Ushering in Monday with confidence and femininity.

    Thanks for reading till Sunday! It’s not meant to be a guide but rather just a fun read as scent is very personal. Whichever scent that makes you feel good that day will be your scent of the day.

    Follow your nose!