Eye Cream

Mar 21, 2015 | Articles, Reviews

Eye gel was one of my first skincare in my late teens. I used #thebodyshop Elderflower Eye Gel for years (highly recommend for early eyecare). I gradually progressed to cream. #LaMer was too rich for me (developed milia seeds) so I switched to gel in the day and cream for evenings (treatment). Here are some thoughts from my experience 

  1. Hydration: #Algenist Renewal Balm (very moisturizing) & #Fresh Rose Gel (love gel).
  2. Anti-aging: Estelle & Thild Anti-oxidant, #ShuUemura Tsuya, Fresh Black Tea (love the scent lots!), #Clarins Extra-firming Eye Cream (all rounder), #Biotherm Blue Therapy (wowed by the texture based on sample size I’ve tried so far), #Kenzoki Angel Eyes.
  3. Brown Sugar: prevent moisture, buff away dry skin cells.
  4. Fine lines: I’m fully wowed by how effective #Chanel Ultra-Correction Line Repair Eye Cream worked for me.

With so much advancement in technology, the options do seem to get better  My other beliefs are eye serum, eye makeup remover, no rubbing of eyes & ample sleep! (which I’m not doing so well ) Just sharing some personal experience  Good night, loves!