Superhero Mask? Yes!

Just wanted to drop a quick note about this new groundbreaking mask from Estee Lauder which I tried last night!

Happy to be Wonder Woman + Iron Man for only 10 minutes but with lasting super power! Haha! Skin felt super soft upon removal of mask but even so this morning. It comes in 2 pcs (upper and lower) so to fit better according to the different face shapes. Having said that, it is not the skin tight cellulose mask which will fit snugly or cling on tightly to your face. So, I use my fingers to pat over the foil intermittently to maximise contact to my skin.

Though I shouldn’t have to worry too much about that as the ‘dual-matrix’ mask has that covered with the inner matrix releasing the concentrated treatment fully and the outer matrix enhancing the penetration. In fact, it offers 25X faster penetration as compared to traditional cotton sheet mask. That may explain the warm sensation I felt when I had the mask on. Unlike the coldness is most sheet masks, this was like having sauna on face, comfortable and soothing with some form of repairing going on….and perhaps transforming…how super heroes feel as they transform under their masks.

Ok, I drifted.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Powerfoil Mask


How powerful is this concentrated treatment?

It contains the Key Advanced Night Repair (ANR) technologies. As we know ANR has been a powerhouse serum for fatiqued skin for decades. This foil-backed mask includes Anti-Pollution technologies and nearly half a bottle’s worth of ANR’s exclusive ChronoluxCB. Each mask immerses skin in a double dose of moisture-locking Hyaluronic Acid and a potent blend of anti-irritants including Lady’s Thistle, Birch extract and Magnolia Bark extract, known to help calm skin.


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair


Use it as a weekly mask to renew fatiqued skin for the week ahead. And if you are using ANR Serum now, this mask is designed to complement the benefits of ANR Serum and in place of that night’s serum when used. Fatiqued skin is renewed, hydrated, repaired and gearing up for a youthful look.

At S$27-S$30 per mask (depending on the pack chosen), it may be worthwhile as it saves time if one super hero mask alone can deliver results of what numerous masks (and costs) combined and more. End day, it may result in shorter time spent, same cost and better results.

Prices forĀ Advanced Night Repair (ANR) line of products:

NEW ANR Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask (4pc S$120) or (8pc S$216)

ANR Synchronized Recovery Complex II (30ml S$114) or (50ml S$159)

ANR Eye Synchronized Complex II (15ml S$98)

ANR Eye Serum Synchonized Complex II (15ml S$105)