Break the Cycle

A new year with new hopes. And I know many of my readers hope to break the dark spot cycle, breaking the internet is so last year. Ha! Jokes aside, dark spots concern is one of the most talked about topic I have received from readers and friends.

So as I am sipping away some home-brewed Gyokuro tea c/o Clinique, I want to share my experience and thoughts on the latest dark spot corrector (plus optimizer!) in the beauty scene.


Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Dual Chamber Bottle


The Two-Pronged Approach

As the name suggests, the NEW Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector & Optimizer carries two powerful blend to correct the spots and optimize the effect. The custom dual-chamber bottle is designed to house both separately in order to preserve the purity and potency of ingredients and distribute them evenly when pumped.

One side of the bottle has the Serum patented with CL-302 complex to help reverse the look of dark spots and blemish marks and the other half which contains the new soothing Optimizer that keeps skin calm and resists future darkening better.


Clinique Dark Spot Corrector on Skin

When pumped, the two comes together to help brighten and even out skin tone. The milky liquid soon gets absorbed quickly into the skin. Lightweight and refreshing!


Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Serum


The Tests

For me, I use it more as a preventive measure to keep irritation at bay and avoid hyperpigmentation from happening. I apply it every night on face and neck after toner and before moisturizer. Skin feels soft and smooth the next morning.


Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Daily Use


To measure the corrective effects, I’ve roped in a friend with dark spots concern to use twice daily. This corrector is proven to visibly diminish the appearance of dark spots starting at two weeks. And though I know that dark spots take time to see results, I couldn’t help but check on the outcome after a week’s use.


Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Review

The dark spots do appear lighter and most importantly, he is very satisfied with this Week 1 Report Card!



Clinique Dark Spot Corrector Gyokuro Tea Brewing


Youngest Leaf Buds

And I too am thrilled with the results as my skin feels softer and seems brighter after one week. Perhaps it’s the effect of the new optimizing cocktail which is made with the youngest leaf buds of Gyokuro, during the spring harvest.

Known as “Jade Dew”, Gyokuro is only grown in Japan and is one of the most precious and expensive green teas there. It is abundant in anti-oxidants and anti-irritants to resist against future darkening.

Hmmm…as young as those leaf buds, I like that. Haha!


Clinique Dark Spot Corrector and Optimizer


Relax your mind, relax your skin

Based on the results, this new serum is definitely a keeper. Very promising and I like that it is catered to all, whether your needs are more for prevention or correction. Besides correcting, there’s the optimizer which is a bonus to help keep skin calm and deter new spots caused by pollution and sun exposure from developing. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Let’s break the dark spot cycle for a more luminous and even-toned skin!



Launch date: 4 February 2016

Where: Clinique counters islandwide and Sephora stores

Price: S$135 (50ml)


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