Cinderella vs Snow White!

It’s not Batman vs Superman, nor are we fighting. It’s just my good friend, Katherine and I raving about each other’s glowing skin! It almost felt like childhood again with us two grown-up ladies giggling, raving in disbelief in unusually high-pitched voices after our satisfying session of facial. Yes, it was a facial date but it’s no ordinary facial. We felt transformed, like Cinderella but looking at our faces, we were Snow Whites. Ha!

And so let our fairytale begin…

Once upon a weekday at Bella Skin Care….

Bella Skin Care ReceptionBella Skin Care Branch

De-stress and Detox We arrived at the Tampines Centre modern, clean and spacious. The high ceiling, spaciousness and smiles around the centre lend a sense of calmness especially after a long day at work. Feeling relaxed, we are both ready for the skin illuminating treatment.

Bella Skin Care Facial Room

Being a fan of Bella Skin Care’s facials, I couldn’t wait to try out this latest 360 Illuminator Treatment. I’m honored to be the first to try it before launch and also have my girlfriend join me for the session. Now that I have tried it, I must share my (and Katherine’s too) experience!

Service at Bella Skin Care

Sparkly Radiance

The first thought after the treatment was “Satisfaction”.

To me, this 360 Illuminator Treatment is thorough and deep cleansing. It involved detox, a variety of massages on face, eyes and shoulder, a high-tech mask topped with complementary hand treatment. This treatment targets pigmentation and dull skin, a concern that is common amongst a lot of ladies. With whitening treatment, it is usually quite drying. However, I felt none of that, as this facial is both whitening and hydrating. The results are interesting, stunning actually, as I was expecting a porcelain-type, soft focus kind of glow that is reminiscent of K-pop starlets. But there was no need for any soft focus even, as there was an unmistakable sparkly radiance on my skin post-treatment.

If you are facing stubborn brown spots, pigmentation, discolorations, dull skin, and are hesitant to try out one-off treatments, read on to find out more about this.

CO2 Mask

The Highlight

Some of you may know how I fear extractions. This facial does come with extractions as part of the cleansing but surprisingly, I fell asleep! That’s how comfortable I felt. But that’s not the highlight of the treatment.

The highlight is in the CO2 Illuminating Mask, the breakthrough skin innovation at the end of the treatment. It felt like a million tiny ballerina of needles dancing across my face for about 30 seconds. Well, if that sounds slightly painful, rest assured it’s not! It was a unique sensation that I have not felt before. Thus, it is important for me to share the science behind it, so you know exactly what you’re experiencing. Any concern of redness was dispelled, as my skin remained calm and smooth. The pinprick was actually the activation of carbon dioxide, and the sensation was the bubbling molecules penetrating deep into the skin.

And to me, I believe that the point of transformation where the fairytale began was when my skin is empowered by this surge of effervescent carbonation. This allows skin revitalisation to function at a higher pace and flush out toxins while boosting oxygen and energy levels. The result? The skin is revitalized from within.

Bella Skin Care

Prior to the mask, the therapist applied the Hydra Illuminator Massage Gel packed with antioxidant for a more hydrated and firmer skin. It contains gold microcapsules, which bursts upon activation to release nutrient-rich Vitamin E into the skin. As for suppressing the formation of melanin and reducing spots coloration, the application of Illuminator Ampoule does the job from within.

After the treatment, skin felt alive again, fresh and rejuvenated. And remember the glow I mentioned earlier? It looks almost sparkly, lighting from within. A glow like no others.

I am not alone in feeling this way; I couldn’t wait to hear what Katherine had to say about it. Here are her thoughts right after the treatment.

“My tired face was visibly brightened with instant glow as if oxygen was being infused into it. Dark spots due to pregnancy were lightened and pores were unclogged and minimized.”
Mask Removal at Bella Skin Care

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

The transformation didn’t end at midnight (as we are no Cinderellas, remember?). Ok, I digress…

I woke up with an evened, significantly brighter skin tone the next day. In fact, there was a natural pink flush that made it look like I had blusher on. Each time I walk past the mirror, I did a double take and to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me, and most of all, I felt like the fairest of them all…

Glowy Skin

Happily Ever After

The visible effects lasted for a week and even after that, skin felt revitalized and is still doing well. It seems to have also enhanced my skincare regimen at home, as it made absorbing the skincare product applied more efficient. I followed up with Katherine the next day to share my joy and she too has this to share.

“The next morning, I was wowed by baby skin with pink cheeks. Even my colleagues noticed that my face was clearly brightened and looked radiant. Totally satisfied with Bella Skin Care treatment.”

And just last night we were talking about heading back for more!

Here’s to Happily Ever After…

If you are keen to give it a try, check out this giveaway happening now on Bella Skin Care’s FaceBook page. Simply key in your details on the contest app, and answer a simple question. 5 lucky winners stand a chance to win 1 Mini 360° Illuminator Treatment + 1 Product. Good luck!

To discover more about 360 Illuminator Treatment, head on over to for more details!

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