Beauty Inside and Out

Jun 26, 2015 | Articles, Reviews

Going strong with my wellness resolution for the year still!

Imedeen was definitely a top choice earlier this year when I was exploring beyond skincare (to heal from within) and was deciding to embark on a health and beauty supplements.

I’ve known Imedeen since my early 20s and thus feel comfortable to embark on their Time Perfection range (35+ years). Not only was I able to keep up with my new year’s resolution, the results show I achieved it. So, yay to perseverance!

This was how it started 3 months ago with an assessment done using Imedeen’s Dermascan.

The high resolution ultrasound image shows the condition of the dermis and gives an assessment of my skin’s density / how well my skin is ageing.

In the picture below, the outer black line represents the epidermis , the layer of skin you can see and touch. The coloured dots represent collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements in the invisible dermal layer. The darker the colour and the more evenly distributed the dots, the better the quality of the skin. My skin density was recorded as 26.

3 months later after daily intake of Imedeen…..

My skin density has shot up to 43 (65% increase!) and it is obvious from the scan that my skin condition within has improved.

See how the outer black line (epidermis) has thickened and the coloured dots (collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements) has increased visibly. I jumped in joy and everyone got a hug if I remember correctly hehe!

Now that we have seen the results, you may be more interested to find out about my journey.

How does Imedeen work?

Being a diligent skincare lover, I am confident that I have done well as far as my top layer of skin, the epidermis is concerned. It’s time to look further into the dermis where the skin’s building blocks are found such as collagen, elastin and moisture-retaining elements.

And this is the layer Imedeen skincare tablets work. It delivers targeted nutrients to help reduce the signs of aging and support the skin from the inside out. As this takes time, some may not be able to follow through. Here’s hoping my sharing helps!


It will take about 3 months (3 boxes) and two tablets a day for the natural production of collagen to see results. I started by including it into my daily beauty routine (as though it’s one of my skincare steps).


I was thrilled to be joining a number of celebrities Jessica Biel, Naomi Campbell & Christy Turlington who have credited their perfect skin to Imedeen. As they share this common beauty secret, I believe I will benefit from it too. So look forward!

By my side….

As the tablets can be taken at any time of the day, I placed a box by my bed side for bedtime and also in my makeup bag for consumption on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. It’s basically the same method as how I manage my hand cream.

Seeing the light….

On my second month, I could see and feel my skin improving. Despite falling ill for few weeks, skin seemed to have the ability to regain its suppleness and radiance. Now that I’ve completed the 3 months, I can see that skin is brighter and bounces back to health quite quickly since the consumption of Imedeen.

Who is it for?

All Imedeen skincare supplements contain the exclusive collagen rich Marine Complex, packed with proteins and polysaccharides similar to those naturally found in the skin. In the various types of Imedeen suited for different age group and gender (Radiant Complexion, Time Perfection, Prime Renewal & Man-Age-Ment), each of these age-defying formula is enhanced with different strengths of antioxidant nutrients to correspond to an increased need over time.

So for those who are keen to know more details, read more at As for those who feel like giving up before 3 months, don’t! The Dermascan results show clearly what’s in the inside. So even though the obvious is not seen for some, the skin density would have improved too.

Most importantly, persevere!

Where to find Imedeen?

It’s available at, Guardian Pharmacy, Unity and Watsons.