Back to the Good Old Facial!

Apr 15, 2015 | Articles

A pleasant surprise!

Having tried many facials by different establishments through the years, I didn’t think any of these sessions would surprise me anymore. I may be impressed by the philosophies, new technologies and equipment but never surprised. And I was wrong.



I was invited by Bella Skin Care to experience their facial services end of March. And as always, I remove my earrings, necklaces if any, change into my facial gown before the session starts. Oddly, on that very day I had wanted to remove my bracelet but stopped as it is unlike the good old days when these facials came with hand massage besides shoulder massage. So imagine my shock when the therapist stepped in and asked that I remove it as she will be giving me a hand massage (she heard my thoughts!?). This triggered the memories, experiences and practices of facials I experienced 25 years ago. And I couldn’t wait to start.



And the treat didn’t stop there. I was then asked to sit up and immersed my hands into their hand paraffin (I pay extra for this service at nail salons). At Bella, every facial comes with a complimentary hand massage and hand paraffin. That is impressive!

Let’s get into the other aspects of the facial now that I’ve shared the surprise (didn’t want to keep you waiting haha!). Before the facial, I had a thorough consultation to determine the types of facial suitable for my skin type. I was recommended the Hydra Intense Solution and alternate it with Indiba AgeReversa System to cater to my combi skin (oily t-zone but dry surface) and also concerns in aging and sagging skin.

With Hydra Intense Solution, it quenches and restores hydration with the purest form of Hyaluronic Acid. It also speeds up tissue repair which means cutting down on healing time. And that warm mist of pure Lavender sprayed at the beginning of the treatment sent me into sleep mode right away.

The facial took about 90 minutes. Skin feels supple and renewed after one session. If you have dry skin or need some form of rejuvenation, do take note of this treatment.


To ensure deeper cleansing during the facial, there is an option of adding on the Derma Perfecting Therapy which helps remove/suck out the accumulation of dead skin cells seen on the filter disc. I was assured that mine is a mild case (phew!) though I don’t think so.


The above treatments took place at International Building Branch, which I heard has been around since 30 years ago (Bella Skin Care was established in 1982). I’m impressed that after all these years, Bella has preserved the tradition of hand massage and topped it with hand paraffin. This to me is dedication and quality customer service. I’m looking forward to my next session, trying out the Indiba AgeReversa System!


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