Afternoon Indulgence at Orchard Central

Aug 7, 2015 | Articles, Beauty Services, Reviews

Make time for yourself!

Do something nice for your mind, body and soul because you deserve it.
And I did :)
Here’s what I did for a pampering afternoon at Orchard Central. You too can design your own Beauty trail with many choices to choose from

Beauty Stop 1 [Facial at Epi Treatz #03-16] >> Beauty Stop 2 [Body Massage at Renaza Wellness Lifestyle Lab #02-13] >> Beauty Stop 3 [Scalp Treatment at Hair Inc. New York #06-15] >> Beauty Stop 4 [Beauty haul at Shea #B2-47]

Located next to Somerset MRT, Orchard Central gives a feeling of freshness and spaciousness with its architectural and design forms. It is also a mall my family and friends enjoy gathering for a nice meal at Central Hong Kong Café followed by dessert at Cold Stone Creamery.

Besides dining, the mall has different cluster concept offerings such as Home, Fashion, Services, Active Lifestyle and Beauty catered to everyone. So join me on my Beauty Trail below as I share my wellness experience at the various stops!

Beauty Stop 1: Epi Treatz Facial

As a skin care lover, my first stop has got to be for facial! After having read about Epi Treatz’s Lymph Drainage Bio Facial, I was looking forward to it. This facial kick starts our body’s lymph flow, carrying away stale lymph from the face back into the bloodstream where it is broken down, thus reducing skin congestion and eliminating skin wastes and toxics. It comprises Epi Treatz signature Miracle 4 Steps detoxifying facial manipulation for an immediate brighter, firmer and younger skin in 1 session!



The facial started with deep cleansing of the skin with KEITHZ Brightening Cleansing Foam, to gently remove dead skin cells, followed by a soothing Ultrasonic Pore Softening Therapy for subsequent effective removal of skin congestions such as blackheads and whiteheads.
Once these are completed and the skin is being disinfected, the signature Miracle 4 Steps will start. It kick starts your skin lymph flow and proceed to the full process of the advanced Lymph Drainage Bio Therapy. It ends with KEITHZ Ultra Hydrating Oxygen Face Masque. While waiting for my skin to be soothed and hydrated, I was pampered with a relaxing shoulder.



Benefits of Lymph Drainage Bio Facial
• Brightens skin
• Softens wrinkles
• Reduces eye bags
• Slims puffy face and eyes
• Improves uneven skin tone
• Eliminates skin waste and toxics
• Enhances absorption of skincare

Epi Facial

With a brighter and more lifted skin, it was time for some help on the body!
For those looking to try this treatment, there is a promotion going on at Epi Treatz as follows:
Lymph Drainage Radiance Facial @S$68 with Free Hydro Collagen Eye Mask Therapy (worth S$70). T&Cs apply.

Beauty Stop 2: Body Massage by Renaza


Thrilled to discover the Wellness Revival Body Massage (Fu Yang Guan Therapy) here. It is a traditional Chinese therapy which uses heat treatment to promote blood circulation, clear heat, expel toxin, relieve pain, promote immunity and keep the balance between the Yin and Yang. As my body was not feeling too well, I was recommended to try that treatment. And wow, this is one of the most relaxing massage sessions I have tried. The warm heat traveled through my body and I could feel the blood flow, heat adjusting internally. Simply amazing!

It’s Renaza’s 9th Anniversary and they are having a promotion. The Wellness Revival Body Massage Trial is now available at S$59* only (U.P: S$160). *T&Cs apply.

Beauty Stop 3: Scalp Treatment at Hair Inc. New York


Nestled at a cozy corner on level 6, Hair Inc. New York is a hair care professional which gets to the root of all hair and scalp problems using the most advanced hair growth technology and products. I was brought to a room for a private one to one Scalp Analysis.


The therapist was thorough and informative as she explained to me about my hair and scalp condition. Thankfully, I didn’t have any major concerns but a thorough scalp cleanse and treatment is important to keep it healthy. I was recommended the Hair Regenerating Treatment with LED, an award-winning anti-aging treatment (Singapore Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2014). Sounds perfect!


We proceeded to have the treatment started in another area, a spacious 8-seater room.
This treatment claims to take years off your hair age with this advanced technology treatment which blends the best of Eastern and Western healing philosophies. As we age, our natural hair batteries slow down due to a decreasing supply of the energy-supplying adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules. This leads to sluggish cellular metabolism within our follicles and scalp, and a weakening hair structure. This award-winning treatment revitalizes your hair to form stronger building blocks at the cellular level.


Next, a therapeutic scalp massage using the potent Hair Regeneration Essence for livelier hair and finally, the LED light therapy to rejuvenate the follicles.
The treatment ended with a blow dry before having another post-treatment analysis. I would recommend anyone interested in hair and scalp solutions to give Hair Inc. New York a try as it is centrally located, spacious, cozy with warm, hospitable and genuinely caring staff. Great service!
Beauty Stop 4: Shopping at Shea


It’s shower time at the last stop because it’s a soap haven! Filled with colours, scents and goodness, Shea is a gem to be discovered, what’s more, their products are all-natural. The Manager, Jit Kaur has a wealth of knowledge on skincare, skin concerns, body care and scents which she shares so willingly.




Whether you’re looking for gifts, soaps, candles, shampoo or seeking solutions on eczema, dandruff, dry skin, psoriasis or skin allergies, this is the place to visit. I will definitely head back here during my next visit to Orchard Central!


And that was the end of my Beauty Trail! Hope you enjoyed my little sharing. Do pop by Orchard Central for some pampering sessions and the mall’s vibrant and constant promotions and happenings
I shall leave you with more images of Shea’s bestsellers and remember to make time for yourself!